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First foxhunt cases planned

TWO FOX hunts in Devon may be set to become the first in Britain to face prosecution under the Government‘s hunting ban.

Hunt saboteurs have made an official complaint to police which is allegedly backed up by video evidence. Police specially trained in wildlife crime have examined the videos and sent a file to the Crown Prosecution Service who will decide if the cases should go to court.

Devon and Cornwall police wildlife officer Inspector Nevin Hunter said: “All I can say is that I will be submitting a report to the Crown Prosecution Service.”

Hunt protesters claim the video footage shows packs of hounds chasing foxes in two different incidents at Crediton and Stoke Rivers.

The two hunts say they have been obeying the new laws by drag hunting - where a scent rather than live prey is used - and that any foxes flushed out accidentally - a legal loophole in the laws - and caught have been shot humanely.

Recently OUR DOGS reported that there have been 50 complaints of illegal hunting activity, but only 10 per cent of these have been considered by the CPS, and three have already been rejected due to lack of enough evidence to secure a prosecution.. The two remaining prosecutions have yet to be decided upon.