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Guernsey Dog Club ‘Discover Dogs’event

President Brian Cummins pictured with his Best in Match:
Miss Louise Morgan’s Tibetan Terrier, Araki Vice Versa
and Reserve Best in Match: Miss Natalie de la Cour’s Shih Tzu, Santosha Red Raver

They say in life that very often the first time for something is the best. Well, not this time.
The Guernsey Dog Club had a most successful second Discover Dogs event in The David Ferguson Hall, Beau Sejour Leisure Centre, on Sunday 9th October. Peter Purves was over again to commentate, judge the breed stands and Junior Handling.

Brian Cummins, President of The Kennel Club of Jersey came over to judge the Match classes during the afternoon. We were especially pleased to see him as he was very recently in hospital, but Brian being the stalwart he is was determined to be there.

This year, unfortunately, we had to set up the stands on the Sunday morning. The staff at the centre had put down the carpets for the ring, set out the chairs and left various other items ready for us. The display boards for the stands arrived at 7.00a.m. along with the partitions to separate the stands Discover Dogs Committee duly arrived bright and bushy tailed, well almost all, having been out for a meal with Peter the evening before!

By 8.30 all was in place and some exhibitors began to arrive to put their stands together. As with all events there was the usual flurry of little panics. Where is the sellotape, does anyone have scissors, where do we hang this banner and most important of all, is the café open yet? Many other questions were going around the hall but by 9.45 all the stands were completed and spectators already arriving eager to see all.

The first parade was watched by many, in fact it was standing room only around the ringside, very pleasing to see, particularly as there were many children.

Between 11.30 and 1.30 Peter judged the Breed Stands followed the Junior Handling classes. The exhibitors manned their stands from 11.30 through till 1.45 when the second parade took place.

Again much interest from spectators and it was obvious that even the dogs were enjoying the occasion. Members had brought along not only their show dogs but also those who have now retired from the ring and these also seemed to revel in the attention from the public.

It was especially pleasing to see so many children not only taking an interest in the numerous dogs but also asking questions. One little boy was so interested he really did not want to leave.

One little girl partly overcame her fear of dogs, thanks to a most gentle dog. This in itself was rewarding to see and hopefully she will go on to have a life perhaps with dogs of her own. Former Club Members were also there and it was lovely to renew those friendships.

The Guide Dogs for the Blind had a stand and were busy selling Christmas Cards and various fund raising items. The Club’s Honorary Vets surgery had a stand and this generated much interest.

Nutro, one of the sponsors, were also available to answer many questions about their products and samples were given to anyone would wanted them. The Club stand was busy throughout the day explaining how it works, what dog shows are all about, giving answers to questions about other breeds and generally helping where possible.

Many, including Club Members, took the opportunity of looking through part of the Club’s history which was on display. As it is a Kennel Club in its own right, having a reciprocal agreement with the Kennel Club, many were interested in the Registration Department. The Registrar was on hand to explain all.

After the second parade, the Match started and with a large number of dogs taking part this went on till 5.00. Brian did a wonderful job and eventually he found his Best in Match winners. All the results are at the end of this report. Take a look at the website for more photographs: The lucky winners went home with a vast array of gifts from sponsors, lovely Rosettes and Certificates. Rosettes were given to fifth place and samples of food given to all from sponsors, Nutro, James Wellbeloved, Naturediet and Science Diet.

When all was over Peter was presented with a Newfoundland print and Brian with a decanter together with his favourite wine.

The day came to a fitting close with a dinner in the evening where all were able to relax - indeed a fitting end to a successful day. The President thanked all who had exhibited, praised the quality of the stands and commented on the overall atmosphere which had been friendly, most inviting and looked most professional. Brian Cummins had enjoyed his day and Peter said he was looking forward to a return visit in a couple of years, should he be invited!

Particular thanks goes to those behind the scenes who helped over the few days before and last thing Sunday morning, when just that one thing was forgotten and husbands drove to the centre with them and to the Kennel Club for allowing us to use their Breed Standards to give the general public. Understanding partners who have lived nothing but Discover Dogs for the past few weeks, well done. You can have a rest now until 2007!

To those who sponsored us, we are most grateful. You helped make the day memorable for those who won special prizes. Many thanks also to the Guernsey Press who gave us such good coverage before and after the event, Guernsey Radio for their interviews and "plugs" on Saturday morning and to those we have forgotten it is not intentional, thank you as well.

A special "thank you" goes to the Discover Dogs Committee, Derryn De Carteret who was the main organiser, Anne Vaudin, Carol and David Turner, Linda Smith, Sarah Girard, Chris Bligh. A lot of work went into putting this together, least not the fund raising that went on for many months.
Very well done, you have excelled yourselves this time. What will you do for the next?

Match Results:

Best Breed Stand: Shih Tzu. Mrs Mandy de la Cour, daughter, Natalie, and Mrs Avril Edgar.
Reserve Best Breed Stand: Rottweiler, Miss Georgie Bennett

Junior Handling Classes:
6 – 11 years of age: Stephanie le Noury 12 – 16 years of age: Natalie de la Cour
Best Puppy in Match: Mrs Racheal Martel, Bearded Collie, Geliland Sea Chariot
Best Yearling in Match: Mrs Sarah Woodhouse, Beagle, Timamso Maestro
Best Junior in Match: Miss Louise Morgan, Tibetan Terrier, Araki Vice Versa
Best Adult in Match: Mr Mrs Art & Di Le Page, Cocker Spaniel, Salabah Swan Lake
Best Group Winner: Miss Natalie de la Cour, Shih Tzu, Santosha Red Raver
Best Veteran in Match: Mrs Pauline & Miss Louise Morgan, Papillon, Blackpark Junior
Best Vintage in Match: This for dogs over 10 years of age. Mrs Pauline & Miss Louise Morgan, Papillon, Blackpark Junior Best in Match: Miss Louise Morgan, Tibetan Terrier, Araki Vice Versa Reserve Best in Match: Miss Natalie de la Cour, Shih Tzu, Santosha Red Raver