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IKC update - Microchipping Information Pack

As previously announced, after January 1st 2006 all puppies bred in Ireland will require to be microchipped prior to registration with the Irish Kennel Club.

A package giving details of how to go about this procedure and the cost is now available from the Irish Kennel Club and can be obtained from the Irish Kennel Club, Fottrell House, Harold’s Cross Bridge, Dublin 6W, Ireland.

There is also a page on Frequently Asked Questions which should help to reassure anyone with doubts about safety etc. The information is also on the Irish Kennel Club website

We hope the introduction of Microchipping by the Irish Kennel Club will help to reduce the number of irresponsible breeders and make it easier for the public to decide who is reputable and who is not. Anyone who sells an Irish Kennel Club registered puppy will be identifiable and therefore accountable.

Wendy Jackson, PRO Irish Kennel Club