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Midland Gundog scurries set new show record

Midland Game Fair Scurries line up on Day 1

The Midland Game Fair provided the highlight of a record-breaking year for Countryman Fairs, when over 1300 competitors took part in the superb gundog scurry events; the Midland’s highest ever entry by far. With more gundog scurries than any other game fair, the Midland also offered an exceptional prize package worth over £2000 from joint sponsors Runnarköp and Vitalin UK.

Victor Ludorum winner was game-fair regular Tony Benton, handling Storm. The ever-popular Long Retrieve attracted the largest number of entries, and it was Tony and Storm who achieved the fastest time of 13.56 seconds. No one could manage a clean sweep in the Pot Black, so Bob Clay and Reece topped the bill with a score of 26 points out of a possible 33, in 2 minutes 8.42 seconds. Helen Crick and Fly proved unbeatable in the 5 Dummy Pick-Up, and also took another 1st in Laura’s Lucky Rabbit scurry.

The Prime family and Meg enjoyed a particularly good weekend, with Mum Elaine achieving a 1st in the Novice Scurry, 2nd in the Long Retrieve and 3rd in the Partridge Pen, while brothers Charlie and James managed 1st and 3rd respectively in the Junior Handler event on Saturday, with Charlie also taking second place on the Sunday.

VICTOR LUDORUM – Tony Benton with Storm



Bango Dog & Gun
1st P Watkins Cassie 24 pt 2:20:75
2nd Rob Lawty Max 23 pt 2:08:96
3rd Neil Dutton Stan 23 pt 2:12:28

Pot Black
1st Bob Clay Reece 26 pt 2:08:42
2nd Paul Winder Blaze 26 pt 2:25:37
3rd Fred Tomkinson Lucy 26 pt 2:54:09

Long Retrieve
1st Jo Irons Barney 13.60
2nd Simon Norcott Didi 13.69
3rd P Hathaway Tassle 13.71

Partridge Pen
1st Bob Clay Reece 21:20
2nd Tony Benton Storm 21:83
3rd Elaine Prime Meg 22:26
5 Dummy Pick-Up
1st Helen Crick Fly 47:42
2nd Cliff Waite Benji 55:91
3rd Jo Irons Barney 56:70

Laura’s Lucky Rabbit
1st Helen Crick Fly 10:21
2nd L Skinner Red 11:28
3rd G Skinner Red 11:52

Novice Scurry
1st Mrs Hammond JD 16:71
2nd B Bradstock Mellor 17:47
3rd C Titshall Bodie 17:50

Junior Handler
1st Charlie Prime Meg 19:08
2nd Alice Titshall Bodie 21:93
3rd James Prime Meg 22:97



Bango Dog & Gun
1st R King Tan 24 pt 2:13:78
2nd Neil Dutton Stan 22 pt 1:53:22
3rd J Christon Holly 22 pt 4:25:59

Pot Black
1st Fred Maidment Megan 26 pt 2:39:17
2nd Bob Clay Reece 26 pt 2:54:00
3rd Wendy Tooms Benson 26 pt 2:55:75

Long Retrieve
1st Tony Benton Storm 13:56
2nd Elaine Prime Meg 14:94
3rd Mr Trenhome Rock 15:62

Partridge Pen
1st Paul Winder Blaze 22:07
2nd Bob Clay Reece 22:70
3rd Helen Crick Fly 23:13
5 Dummy Pick-Up
1st Helen Crick Fly 45:63
2nd Tony Benton Storm 52:30
3rd Paul Winder Blaze 52:99

Laura’s Lucky Rabbit
1st Jo Irons Barney 11:37
2nd Helen Crick Fly 11:48
3rd Wendy Tooms Benson 11:54

Novice Scurry
1st Elaine Prime Meg 16:20
2nd J Sherwin Reece 18:03
3rd B Rogers Jack 18:19

Junior Handler
1st A Davidson Amber 19:37
2nd Charlie Prime Meg 19:73
3rd L Davidson Amber 21:60