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Kennel Club to meet on Blackpool

OUR DOGS understands that the Kennel Club will be considering the position of Blackpool show at a forthcoming meeting of the General Committee.

A number of people commented on the situation at this weekend’s Discover Dogs show including a number of Trade Stands who had been unhappy with the treatment they received at this year’s show. (See letters page).

‘Outgoing’ Chairman, Gundog Specialist, Mrs Hilda Parkinson, who has been ‘replaced’ by Stephanie Bentham, told OUR DOGS that the Kennel Club was now in possession of the many letters of complaint and comments that had been sent to her by exhibitors, trade people and members, adding ‘Many people are furious that normal custom and practice has been sidestepped by the Secretary.

In my years as a committee member and Chairman, no one has ever submitted written consent for their names to be allowed to go forward. Convention was that a simple nomination and seconding was sufficient. Even if we were going to change this practice, it would have been courteous to let the members know. Four good potential committee members have been effectively disallowed by his actions.

‘I fully expect the Kennel Club to look at everything; it is terribly sad for Blackpool that once again we have so many self inflicted problems.’

OUR DOGS invited comments from Mr Hall but at the time of going to press had received no response.

OUR DOGS will report on any developments on this situation in forthcoming editions.