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Goodbye to Blake, the gentle giant

OUR DOGS was saddened to learn recently of the sad death of one of the most famous Great Danes in the UK, Harlequin Dane Mr Impeccable at Omaloors, better known as Blake writes Nick Mays.

Blake was, quite literally, a dog in a million. Not only did he star in the hit movie ‘East In East’ in 1995, he went on to forge an impressive show career, although, as his owner Jill Gibson, acknowledges, this really wasn’t Blake’s ‘thing’. But it was then that Blake went on to be the trailblazer for Large Breed Agility, started up by Jill…. And the gentle giant found his forte.

Thanks to Blake’s example, scores of other Great Danes and dogs from larger breeds took up agility, often at the special days organised by Jill. At each event, overseeing proceedings with a benevolent eye was, of course, Blake.

It was my personal pleasure to meet Blake on a number of occasions and no-one who met could not be impressed by his strength and power, his ‘brick wall’ physique and at the same time his uncanny grace when taking part in his favourite pastime – Large Breed Agility.

I last saw Blake at the Harlequin Great Dane Club’s special ‘Danes Only’ agility day in May this year, where he posed for a photograph with a delightful puppy named Ben, owned by Sharon Rose. Ben was just as ‘into’ agility ads Big Uncle Blake and the two sat happily side by side, Blake being the benevolent expert approving of the up and coming youngster. That was Blake all over –a graceful, gentle giant who never let his size stop him from doing anything. I shall miss him.