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OBITUARY - Violet Woodbridge

It was with deep sadness that Mr. Frank Woodbridge telephoned me to say that his wife Violet had died, as they were very good friends of mine. Frank brought Violet to visit me only six weeks ago and it was lovely to see them. I have known them now for 40 years. They bought their first Basenji from Phyllis Cook, well known at one time as secretary of the BOBA and also a championship show judge; a second Basenji was obtained from another breeder.

These two Basenjis occupied their lives for a number of years, after which they were without a Basenji for a few years. They then decided to have another one and came to me. A few months after this, they decided to have another to keep the first one company. Years passed, and upon the demise of their pets, the Woodbridges came to me for two more Basenjis which they then decided to show. Violet took great delight in attending shows, particularly BOBA shows and became quite a well known figure over the years.

These two new Basenjis (Horsleys Sirxerxes and H. Sirzena) were shown by Frank, and occasionally by their daughter, Jane, for a considerable length of time. Xerxes died a couple of years ago, and Zena died only in the last few weeks. It could be the death of Zena that made Mrs. Woodbridge finally give up, as she had been partially disabled by a stroke some years before though had carried on with great fortitude.

She adored the Basenjis and I shall miss her a lot, although Frank tells me that he will still be coming to see me, having given up the Post Office at Wivenhoe which they ran for many years, though his other interests are undiminished and he has been well known in his area for working as a beater on game shoots.

My thoughts are very much with Frank, as he has been a wonderful carer and husband to Violet. My life has been enhanced considerably by knowing them both. Rest in peace, Violet.

Jayne Wilson Stringer