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Contest of Champions £2000 gift to DogLost

Photo by Alan V Walker
From the Contest of Champions Jayne Hayes of
was presented with a cheque for £2,000 pictured with Gurt Nielson, David Spencer,
Karina LeMare, Anthony Bongiovanni and Glyn Payne with Parry Payne.

Richmond’s resident commentator and Contest of Champion Show Dogs chairman David Spencer presented a cheque for £2,000 to Jayne Hayes as a donation towards the charity

Jayne was most grateful for the funding, which she said would keep the charity going for about three to four months.

You would have thought that Jayne, who hails from Doncaster, would be at Town Moor to watch the St Leger, but the final Classic of the racing calendar was insignificant in her quest to help rescue the thousand-odd dogs who are stolen each year.

She said: "The insurance paid out last year was over £40,000 on lost dogs. Only one in eight bother to insure and 50% on the site have not claimed.

Karina le Mare is heavily involved in the charity, becoming aware of their existence after one of her own dogs was stolen by travellers.

"The whole incident was caught on our CCTV," she told me. "We captured the number plates of the people concerned and also the man concerned who lifted a young lad over the five and a half-foot fence to steal the dog."

Karina contacted the charity after her son and daughter-in-law located them on the website, and were quick to respond.

Once Jayne had been contacted she jumped straight into action. "We contacted the Press, the media and went on the local radio," she said.

"The media’s response was great. They made the dog too hot to handle."
Jayne paid a special thanks to south east co-ordinator Dee Ford.

"When dogs become too much to handle," said Jayne, "they usually just dump them. But on this occasion, they actually dumped him on Karina’s drive."

"We even witnessed all that on camera," said Karina. Again we got the number plates but it is not always that easy for the police to take action.

Karina assisted in the presentation, the money generated from the Contest of Champions for whom she is secretary. She called the six-week-old puppy Louis after a famous Hungarian escape artist!