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National Terrier plans Dog of the Year

The Committee of the National Terrier Club are very concerned that terrier entries are falling at open shows and have been looking at ways of supporting terrier club open shows in an attempt to increase entries.

As a result they have been in contact with the Kennel Club who have agreed in principle that the National Terrier Club hold a ‘National Terrier Open Show Dog of the Year’ competition which will take place as a separate event at the National Terrier Club Championship Show in April each year, commencing in April 2007.

As this will be run as a separate event The Kennel Club have agreed that dogs invited to take part will not be considered beaten dogs for the sake of the National Terrier Championship Show.

All dogs who are judged to be best in show at Terrier Club Open Shows will qualify to take part in the final and all dogs who are judged ‘Best in Show’ from 1st January 2006 - 31st December 2006 will be invited to take part in the first final to find the ‘National Terrier Open Show Dog of the Year 2006’ which will be held at the National Terrier Club Show in April 2007.