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New heights in store for Greyhound fundraiser

Fundraising to help re-home ex-racing greyhounds has reached new heights with one plucky volunteer taking on her own gruelling race - to run the Everest Marathon.

Fiona Lindsay, from Edinburgh, is only one of 70 people who has been chosen to take on the 26 mile monster marathon which is run at an amazing altitude of 17,000 and at spine chilling temperatures.

The event takes place this coming November and Fiona will be travelling out to the Everest base camp in Nepal with her friend Sarah Willis who is to helping marshall the event.

Both Fiona and Sarah are now using the event to help raise funds for charity. One of the lucky charities to benefit is the Greyhound Awareness League (GAL) which is Scotland’s largest independent charity working to re-home ex-racing greyhounds.

Fiona adopted a greyhound called Zach two years ago and says he’s been great company on her gruelling training sessions.

‘Zach has been a great training companion and he keeps me company from hill to hill but his speed certainly puts me to shame. If I only had a greyhound physique as well!’, laughs Fiona.

Fiona is a keen crusader to raise awareness of the plight of greyhounds which are sometimes raced to the point of exhaustion and then abandoned by their trainers if the dogs don’t make enough money.

Fiona added: ‘Not all greyhound trainers neglect or abandon their dogs but it is a sad fact that over 10,000 surplus greyhounds are bred every year and many of them are not lucky enough to live past a few years. Whilst I’ll be running a race for charity, many greyhounds are currently running a race for life.’

The Everest Marathon is the highest marathon in the world and the altitude makes the race an endurance test beyond the capabilities of many athletes. The event involves a 17 day trek to the base camp and if that wasn’t enough for starters, competitors will have to overcome temperatures of minus 25 degrees.

Hard training and top physical and mental preparation is the key to completing the event and Fiona is lucky to be sponsored by The Total Body Approach, an alternative health clinic in Edinburgh.

‘The Total Body Approach have been brilliant and if it wasn’t for them I’d never be able to take on the Everest Marathon. It’s great too that they are right behind the fundraising effort for the greyhounds.’

To give the fundraising a boost, the Total Body Approach (5 Alva Street) is hosting a Greyhound Awareness Night on Monday 3 October in Edinburgh. All dog lovers are welcome to come along to try out taster sessions for reflexology, Indian head massages and relaxation sessions, whilst learning more about the plight of greyhounds...

Whilst the fundraising effort is underway, the clinic is also donating 10 per cent of each treatment to GAL if anyone quotes the Everest Marathon.