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Whippet Club Racing Association Bend Championships 2005

Winner of the fastest time of the day, Mr & Mrs Bale’s WCRCh Starstruck

The fourth and final Championships of the season took place at the Cricket Club, Moreton In Marsh on Sunday 25 September 2005. The weather turned out to be quite nice in the afternoon and it seemed to encourage the spectators to come along and watch writes Carolyne Rabbitt
There were 130 dogs taking part in this event, they ran on a horseshoe shaped bend track of 240 yards in 9 different weight groups.

The dogs had to run 3 – 4 races to reach a final. There were four dogs made up to Champions at this event namely Wybay Redwing, Mr Millychip, Elgar and Star of Wonder. The winners of the other groups were WCRCh (Whippet Club Racing Champion) Tinkers Moonshadow, WCRCh Close To Crazy, Vodkatini, WCRCh Shiny, and Hearts Delight. To become a champion the dogs need to win two Championship finals.

The fastest time of the day was 14.90 seconds; this was by Mr & Mrs Bale’s WCRCh Starstruck.

Weight group winners:

Not exceeding 16lbs – Mr & Mrs How’s WCRCh Tinkers Moonshadow (ped: Breakingbury Cupid)
Not Exceeding 18lbs - Mr & Mrs Purvis WCRCh Close To Crazy (Tap Dancer)
Not Exceeding 20lbs – Mr & Mrs Sawyer’s Vodkatini (Vodkatini Tipple)
Not Exceeding 22lbs - Mrs M Wyard’s WCRch Wybay Redwing (Savernake’s Chiff Chaff)
Not Exceeding 24lbs – Miss S Toller’s WCRCh Mr Millychip (Mister Millychip)
Not Exceeding 26lbs – Jean Goode’s WCRCh Shiny (Goodad Lady At Leisure)
Not Exceeding 28lbs – Mr & Mrs Broderick’s WCRCh Elgar (Wings of Apollo)
Not Exceeding 30lbs – Mrs R Toller’s Hearts Delight (Rebeccas Valentine)
Not Exceeding 32lbs – Mr & Mrs Eaton’s WCRCh Star of Wonder (Victory Hill)