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KC urges support for ‘shark bait’ petition

The Kennel Club has been appalled by the recent press reports featuring the use of live dogs and cats as shark bait on the French controlled island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean.

The Kennel Club has already written to the Société Centrale Canine (French Kennel Club) to voice its concerns and is now calling for concerned animal lovers to do all they can to ensure this barbaric practice is stopped as quickly as possible to ease the suffering of these companion animals.

The Kennel Club recommends:

1. Everyone support and sign the RSPCA’s petition online

2. Everyone bring pressure to bear on the French Government by contacting:
French Minister for Agriculture:
M Dominique Bussereau Ministére de L'Agriculture 78 Rue de Varenne 75349 Paris FRANCE

And copy this letter to:
The French Minister for Overseas Territories:
M FranÇois Baroin Ministre de L’Outre-Mer 27 Rue Oudinot 75358 Paris FRANCE

3. Everyone write to their local MP to urge them to write a similar letter to the responsible minister in France on behalf of the UK Government. Details of your local MP can be found at

The Kennel Club has also written a suggested form of words (in both English and French) for readers to use when writing their letters, which is available below. If you can use your own words then this is even more effective and if you can write in French then better still!

Said Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary; "Any animal lover, on learning of this monstrous practice will surely want to do all they can to convince the French authorities that there is no place for this type of cruelty in a civilised society. Please do take the time and trouble to get involved with this campaign."

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