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Police sack dog for being ‘too soft’

A POLICE dog has been sacked from the South Yorkshire Police Force for being too soft.

Whereas today’s police officers are expected to display a softer public image, police dogs at least are expected to be tough and uncompromising.

Buster, a highly trained German Shepherd who cost £25,000 of taxpayer’s money to teach, failed to live up to the standards expected of dogs in today’s modern police force.

When he accompanied his handler PC David Stephenson on a hunt for a missing person near Rotherham, two year-old Buster ignored an obvious trail of footprints leading across a field, and simply lay down and closed his eyes..

During a search for a burglar, he went straight past the thief and also wagged his tail for drunks instead of dealing with a mob outside a bar.

Pc Stephenson said that whilst Buster is loyal and obedient, he just wanted to be everybody's friend and avoid confrontation.

Buster has since been rehomed to Norton and Jane Arnold who live in Dore, near Sheffield – and remains just as good natured as ever!