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Owner teaches dog to kick-box

RINGO, A fifteen-month-old Russian Black Terrier has been trained in the art of kick-boxing by his owner.

Russ Williams, from Caerwys in north Wales, is a former world champion in the martial art. "If there was a British Thai boxing championship for dogs then Ringo would win paws-down every time," he said. "There are a few humans he could beat as well."

Mr Williams, who runs a gym and a security firm, said he came up with the idea after seeing Ringo play-fighting with another dog. All his strength seems to be in his legs," he explained. "I just thought about how I could develop that. I have only been training him for three weeks and he can jump and kick to command with his two front feet at a punch bag or kick pad.

Russian black terriers, also known as Russkiy Tchiorny terriers, were specially bred in the former USSR and originally used by the authorities for riot control.