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Schmeichel struck by Wobblers Syndrome

THE MOST famous Great Dane in Britain, Coronation Street's top dog Schmeichel, is facing a real-life battle for survival.

The 16-month-old dog recently underwent surgery after being diagnosed with Wobblers Syndrome, a genetic condition which affects the spinal cord.

The operation comes after the condition was discovered by a vet working on a story involving the Dane. Wobblers Syndrome affects large breeds of dog, particularly Great Danes.

The vertebrae in the neck press on the spinal cord, affecting the dog's ability to walk.

Owner Ann Lunt said: "We didn't tell the cast at first but when we found out the operation was going to be on Monday we rang Sam and told him. He was really upset, as we all were, and we are just hoping that Schmeichel pulls through.

Schmeichel's role will be played by a stand-in - his five-year-old cousin Magnum - until a decision is made about his future.

Twelve-year-old Sam Aston, who plays his on-screen best pal Chesney Brown, now face an anxious wait to see if he recovers.

Sam told us: "We are really worried about Schmeichel and want him back at work as soon as possible. We miss him loads," he said.