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AKC judge tells of hurricane horror

Darlene Stewart, a show Beagler and AKC judge of Beagles who lives outside Mobile, Alabama, gave permission for her story to be crossposted throughout the Internet; the following is an extract:

“ON ANIMAL RESCUE:...I spoke with the city shelter manager that I know. He had been contacted by the HUSU (Humane Society of the United States) and told them to concentrate on MS. I could not get an answer at the local SPCA or Animal Rescue Foundation. They may be working on relief efforts, I just don't know. I do know that VERY little has been said on the new stations locally about helping animals. One station from Biloxi said that the Humane Society was in Jackson with assistance but had not been given permission to come to the coast as of this morning by the EOC.

“Many, many people are homeless and many have their animals, and of course it would only be reasonable to know that many animals are wandering the streets of the destroyed coastline.

Many just did not make it. I have heard of one show person that barely made it out but all the dogs did not, another shelter where most animals drowned in their cages etc...this is not getting on National news due to the huge scope of the human tragedy taking place.

“Anyone that has been in Biloxi will understand when I say that everything you know is gone.
Five to six blocks inland and even greater distances at some points. There will not be shows there for years. It is as if someone wiped it clean and deposited it 1/2 mile inland. Total mass destruction, complete.”