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Hydro in Scotland

ELDERLY DOGS can look forward to some relief from the aches and pains of old age – at least if they live in Scotland. The country’s first hydrotherapy centre is offering the latest treatment for arthritic and overweight dogs. The centre promises relief from aches and pains caused by old age, spinal injuries and also provides fitness regimes for show dogs.

Run by Isla Hargreaves, a veterinary nurse, the centre in Glenrothes, Fife, is fitted with a hydrotherapy pool for the specialist treatments. Ms Hargreaves, 26, came up with the idea after her pet Rottweiler, Sasha, developed arthritis in her spine. “When Sasha developed arthritis in her spine it caused her a lot of problems," she said. “She put on weight and couldn’t exercise.

One of my friends told me about hydrotherapy treatment. It’s very effective for treating humans with similar problems, and various places down south had set up centres to treat dogs. It’s extremely popular. My client base is growing every month.”

It also benefits the dogs’ overall exercise. “Swimming is the best all-round exercise for dogs and humans," Ms Hargreaves said. "If you are just looking to get your dog fit, or your dog likes swimming, it’s ideal.”