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Squirrel hunts dog

WHEN CARL the Labrador chased a squirrel into the woods, his owners' only concern was for his quarry.

However, it turned out they should have worried about their dog. Seconds later Carl re-emerged with the grey squirrel firmly clamped to his neck. Alison Campbell, a nurse, and her daughter Ellie, 10, were enjoying the sunshine in a park in Tavistock, Devon, when Carl saw the rodent and chased it.

The squirrel launched itself at the dog and sank its teeth and claws into his neck. The attack continued until a passer-by intervened. Carl, who is two, was taken to a vet and needed surgery to stitch up his wounds.

Mrs Campbell said: “Carl was frantic, running around like some crazed loony and barking like mad. There was blood everywhere.”

Chris Jones, the vet, said: “I have only come across one or two squirrel bites but I have never seen a tear like this. Squirrels have strong teeth, so a dog's skin would be easy.”