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Disabled dog walks to raise funds for charity

Readers may recall a recent appeal for donations in support of Ashla's planned sponsored walk to raise funds for the Animal Cancer Trust.

On Sunday 11 September, she successfully completed the two mile circuit of the lake and woods adjacent to her home in Woodley, near Reading. No great distance you may think for a large strong breed, but Ashla is paralysed in her hindquarters. She has Degenerative Myelopathy, and since December of last year has taken all her exercise in a purpose build mobility cart.

She is unable to stand or walk unaided, but despite this she enjoys life to the full, running after a toy, chasing the squirrels, and playing just like any other dog. She, and we, walked this circuit in memory of Tayla, our Golden Retriever who died of bone cancer in January of this year, just three years of age.

Ashla raised £639 for the Animal Cancer Trust, and more money is still coming in. This amount is beyond our wildest dreams and hopes. We are so proud of her - she is a dog of great courage and a huge character, who, despite being unable to stand or walk unaided, enjoys life to the full.

She runs after a toy, chases squirrels, and plays just like another other dog. The money raised will go towards research to help other pets who fall victim to cancer.

Donations can still be made to support the work of the Trust (Registered charity No. 1094779) by sending a cheque to Animal Cancer Trust, 8 Bedford Road, Houghton Conquest, Beds. MK45 3LS ( One in four dogs will have some form of cancer, and one in six cats. No sum is too small - every penny is put to good use.

We thank friends, neighbours, family and all those who contributed to make this such a success.