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Japanese Akita Inu recognised

The recognition of the Japanese Akita Inu has been recognised by the KC General Committee as from 1st January 2006, and the breed will be eligible for registration on the Breed Register.

Owners of Japanese Akita Inus already registered on the Akita breed register should contact the Kennel Club by phone on 0870 606 6750, email, or in writing to The Kennel Club, 4a Alton House Office Park, Gatehouse Way, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP19 8XU, for a form entitled ‘Application for the re-registration of a Japanese Akita Inu’. This form will not be available to download from our website. Owners may start applying to transfer their dogs from 1st October 2005, although applications will not be processed until 1st January 2006.

The form will enable the dog to be transferred from the Akita breed register to the Japanese Akita Inu breed register. Both the owner of the dog and the breeder will need to sign a declaration on this form confirming that they are aware that the dog is being transferred onto the Japanese Akita Inu breed register.

A dog will be eligible for the register if:

1) All ancestors in a three generation pedigree are registered with the Japanese Kennel Club as a Japanese Akita Inu or trace their ancestry back to such dogs, or

2) All ancestors in a three generation pedigree were registered as Japanese Akita Inu within a register created by an FCI Kennel Club since their recognition in October 1998, or

3) It has a three generation pedigree which is a combination of the above, provided that all 8 grand-parents are either as specified in 1) or 2).

Owners of Japanese Akita Inu dogs should send their current Kennel Club paperwork (registration certificate and any official pedigrees) together with an official three generation pedigree as described in 1) or 2) with their request to transfer to the Japanese Akita Inu register.

Once transferred to the Japanese Akita Inu register, new registration certificates and pedigrees will be issued as appropriate. There will be no charge for transferring these dogs.

Owners of imported dogs not already registered on the Akita breed register should apply to register their Japanese Akita Inu in the usual way (i.e. by completing a Kennel Club form 4).

Classes may be scheduled for Japanese Akita Inus as from 1st January 2006. An interim Breed Standard for the Japanese Akita Inu will be published in due course in the Kennel Gazette and will be available on the Kennel Club’s website.

There will be no classes scheduled for Japanese Akita Inus at Crufts 2006 as owners would not have had the opportunity to qualify their dogs. Therefore classes will not be scheduled at Crufts until 2007.