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More mutilated greyhounds found

THE MUTILATED bodies of three racing Greyhounds were found in Ireland last month, showing that some unscrupulous individuals have no regard for the welfare of any dogs that do not ‘make the grade’ on the racetrack.

The grim discovery was made near a river in Dungarvan, Co Waterford, Ireland two weeks ago by a man out walking his dog by the riverbank. He came across the bodies of three greyhounds. Inspection of the dogs’ corpses showed that their throats had been cut and their ears had been removed, to prevent them being traced back to their owners via ear identification tattoos.

The grim discovery was reported to the police, who felt they could not act without some kind of identification to link the dogs with specific individuals. Bord na gCon, the governing body of the Greyhound Racing Industry in Ireland were also powerless to take action against any individuals, due to lack of evidence to link the dogs to any particular racing kennels.

The latest case has grim echoes of a similar incident in Kerry a few months ago, although the two dogs in this case were luckier than the three in Dungarvan – at least insofar as they are still alive. Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE) took into their two greyhounds who have had their ears removed. The registered Charity, which rescues and re-homes greyhounds which are unwanted, was made aware of the plight of these dogs, and immediately stepped forward to help. Jan Lake, Trustee for the Charity says "We were first contacted by a small rescue in Kerry, Southern Ireland, as they had picked up a greyhound called Heather, in a very poor condition.

Heather had been given a heavy dose of anaesthetic, which presumably had been meant to kill her. Her owner had then cut off her ears, and left her to die. She had obviously come round from the effects of the anaesthetic and was found wandering, bleeding heavily, trying to make her way ‘home’ to her owner.

As it is very difficult for the small shelters to find homes for greyhounds in Ireland, GRWE were only too pleased to be able to help them by taking Heather. However, just a week or so later, GRWE were contacted by another small rescue in Ireland, who had had a greyhound dumped on their doorstep, again with her ears amputated. ‘Georgie’ was in a terrible state, her ears had been hacked off, and she was obviously in considerable pain.

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