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World Animal Week launched

Millions of people in dozens of countries are set to celebrate the first ever World Animal Week this October.

Spearheaded by international UN-recognised charity the World Society for the Protection of Animals, this global, celebrity-backed, initiative will highlight the importance of protecting animals.

Starting on October 4th, the week aims to remind people that animals matter, not only animals in the wild, but pets and livestock too. World Animal Week is a time to celebrate animals and the good work being done for them internationally and there is no limit to how people can get involved.

Michaela Strachan, presenter of BBC TV's the Really Wild Show, said: "World Animal Week is a great opportunity to show that you care about the welfare of animals. Get "Really Wild" and lets prove that we really are a nation of animal lovers."

Visit for action packs, more information and to find out ways to celebrate and get involved.