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Boxer stolen, thieves caught on CCTV

A BOXER puppy was beaten before being stolen by teenage thieves who broke into its owner’s house. However, local police allegedly failed to respond, despite the young yobs’ images being clearly depicted on CCTV footage and at least one of the youths being a tagged, known offender.

The eight and a half week old red and white puppy named Daarak Diamond Geezer at Honeybox – pet name Bentley - is owned by Scott Green who shows Boxers under the Honeybox affix.

Bentley was stolen on Wednesday September 14th from Scott’s home in Waltham Abbey, Essex. CCTV footage from cameras positioned around the garden show one boy, aged somewhere between 15 and 18 years of age ringing at the doorbell for about five minutes. Having not had a reply and realising that the house is empty, the boy cycles away and returns with two accomplices of similar age who then proceed to break into the house via the kitchen.

It was in the kitchen that the young thugs found Bentley in a dog cage. They dragged the puppy out of the cage and took him outside. One boy is then shown on the CCTV footage to throw the puppy over the wall. Then another boy clambers back over the wall holding the puppy and drops him from a height of around eight feet onto the concrete, after which another boy kicks the defenceless animal as he cowers in a corner.

The thieves fled empty handed initially, having been disturbed by Scott’s next-door neighbour. The final images from the CCTV cameras show the boys leaving the property, but thirty seconds later one of them returning to grab the puppy and stealing it.

Bentley’s distraught owner Scott Green contacted no less than three local branches of Essex police at Watham Abbey, Loughton and Harlow, but claims none of the stations responded by sending anyone to investigate the crime, despite CCTV footage being available and fingerprints from the thieves being clearly visible on the glass of the kitchen door and kitchen window. Scott’s father Bob then e-mailed the Chief Superintendent of Essex police to complain at the force’s inaction. He also contacted a local councillor who personally visited the police stations where the reports had been made, although the officers there denied ever having filed a report from Mr Scott!

Finally, three days after the theft, Acting Inspector Hayley King contacted Scott and arranged for a forensic team to visit the property and secure fingerprints, whilst other officers viewed the CCTV footage.

Private enquiries made on behalf of Scott amongst young people living nearby yielded the names of two youths, both of whom are allegedly known to the police and who were identified from the footage. One of the youths is a tagged offender and could be immediately jailed if he was found to be involved in the burglary.

By now, Scott had also contacted the leading missing dogs agency DogLost UK who posted details of Bentley’s theft on their website and distributed hundreds of posters in the locality. Bob Green also set up his own website relating to Bentley’s theft, which has, like DogLost’s own posting, secured over a thousand ‘hits’ from members of the public in just a few days.

However, Scott Greene is still angry at the apparent inactivity surrounding the named suspects. "I spoke to one officer just couple of days ago and asked him why they’ not paid these lads a visit, even if it’s just to eliminate them from their enquiries," said Scott. "He said to me that they needed the names of the youngsters who had provided the alleged thieves’ names in the first place to ‘check them out’!

Scott added: "DogLost and fellow dog owners have done a lot to help me trace Bentley and I’m hopeful that we may find him soon. But after the abuse the poor little thing suffered, I have to say I’m not hopeful for his well-being."

Scott has also contacted the RSPCA who have said that they will instigate a prosecution for cruelty to the puppy if the culprits can be found.

Bentley was not microchipped, although Scott had been planning to have this done when the puppy had his second vaccination. The tragedy was further compounded by the fact that Scott and his family had only owned Bentley for two days before the thieves took him. There is a reward for information leading to Bentley’s safe return.

No one from Essex police was available to make a comment to OUR DOGS on Tuesday of this week.

Scott Green can be contacted by telephone on: 07956 559033

Bob Green’s own website for Bentley’s recovery is: