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Wiccaweys saved!
by Nick Mays

With less than a month to go, rescue find news premises

BORDER COLLIE Rescue group Wiccaweys have finally found a new home… just days before they were due to be evicted from their existing home by their landlord

After months of checking over several properties which were unsuitable in various ways, the rescue found sanctuary at an ideal property at Clifton Upon Dunsmore, Warwickshire close to Rugby, with excellent transport links for both the rescue & visitors, M1, M6 & A14.

Not only was the new property physically ideal, being in good condition and with a useful amount of land attached, but the landlords positively welcomed the dogs. Wiccawey’s co-founder Sarah Carey told OUR DOGS: "We have finally found somewhere suitable, where the new landlords, Jaz & Dal, are really excited about the rescue and the work we do.

"Our new place has 4.5 acres, so stacks of space for the dogs to learn to enjoy life again. Jaz & Dal are also really happy for us to run events, workshops, training etc. It's all really exciting. It is about only 30 minutes from where we are now, which means we can stay with our wonderful vet, 'Auntie' Jackie!

"With the help of some very special supporters we raised a considerable deposit of £2,500 in double quick time, and we signed contracts on Saturday September 17th. We received the keys and start moving in last Friday September 23rd".

Wiccaweys desperately need extra funds to make the place completely dog secure with fencing etc. One of their volunteers is contacting local fencing contractors to try and find them a good deal. However, any help or sponsorship with this ongoing project would be much appreciated.

Sarah added: "Paul is selling some of his prized possessions - his musical instruments- to raise funds, along with our own cars. Details of those can be found on the Wiccaweys forum, along with full details of the fundraising for the new place. If anyone can help out in anyway, we would be very grateful."

Wiccaweys had a 'Hound Force' weekend last weekend when supporters and friends from all over the country to help Sarah and Paul move house. They also helped to put up fencing, tidy up the land, make the new premises ‘dog safe’ and many other tasks besides.

An exhausted Sarah told OUR DOGS early this week: "We just can’t begin to thank everyone enough for all they have done for us. We should be fully installed in our new premises this coming weekend and continuing the good work that Wiccaweys has been renowned for."

If you would like to make a donation or help Wiccaweys in some way, please call Sarah Carey on: 07905 203254. Wiccaweys website: