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Bayer Animal Health announce major sponsorship programme

Bayer Animal Health has announced a major sponsorship programme in the UK in support of its flagship consumer brand Drontal, the world’s leading worming product for dogs and cats.
With ‘responsible pet ownership’ as the central theme, Bayer has renewed its sponsorship of two of the UK’s premier dog teams – The Essex Dog Display Team, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, and Paws for Thought, which recently performed its obedience and agility show for audiences at this year’s Crufts.

This is in addition to ongoing agreements with British Waterways and dozens of local authorities to sponsor thousands of dog waste bins across the UK.

Drontal’s overall sponsorship portfolio will help to support the two teams’ appearances at major events across the UK this summer, as well as helping to fund important health care provision for the dogs.

Both teams provide interactive, educational and action-packed shows for adults and children to enjoy and, although there is a strong emphasis on family fun and entertainment, at the core there is a serious message that the wellbeing of pets depends on good training and good healthcare.

Drontal Product Manager Sabrina Stroud explained: "The primary intention of our sponsorship portfolio is to promote responsible pet ownership. The activities we have chosen work to support this objective in different ways."

Stuart Brace, leader of the Paws for Thought team, commented: "Because our shows involve audience participation, health and hygiene are extremely important and – as all our dogs are regularly wormed with Drontal – our continued relationship with Bayer Animal Health has particular resonance."

Essex Dog Display Team Director Roy Dyer added: "We are delighted to be associated with the Drontal name once again this year because it’s a tried and trusted product that the team already use."