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Irish ‘puppy farmers’ face tax hike

PUPPY FARMERS in Ireland who make large sums of money from their trade could soon be bitten by the taxman.

Animal rights campaigners are reporting puppy farms to the Revenue Commissioners – the Irish Inland Revenue - and are urging the public to do the same.

It has been revealed that some breeders make up to 5000 euros (£3,500) on each litter sold. They can produce up to 20 litters a year netting them 100,000 euros (£70,000+). However, most of the puppy farmers are not paying taxes and have not even declared their businesses.

Bernie Wright of the Alliance for Animal Rights said: The problem of over-breeding here in Ireland is causing the deaths of thousands of unwanted dogs annually. If genuine people want to have a dog in their family they should go to a pound and take on a rescued dog."