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Psychics join search for star’s dog

ENTERTAINER LIONEL Blair has resorted to consulting psychics after his beloved dog went missing, believed stolen.

The star's dog Florence vanished when Lionel's wife Susan took her for her daily walk in Epsom, Surrey, nine weeks ago. Mr Blair 70, who is convinced the white bearded collie cross has been stolen, posted her details on the missing dogs website and issued hundreds of posters.

Now the popular entertainer has spoken to psychics as an act of desperation in a bid to track down Florence.

Mr Blair said: "We've talked to psychics to see if they've got any information.

"Of course they haven't - they say 'she's coming back to you' and one of the psychics described a bald-headed man who is connected with her in some way.

"I've spoken to two psychics on the phone. One of them was in Blackpool and you could hear her shuffling her cards. "She said 'she's safe and well but that it would be some time before you get her back'."

Mr Blair added that a fan had sent him a letter describing a company who specialise in finding lost people. "They've also had some success with lost dogs so we're going to meet them this week."