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Responsible breeders urged to register with Puppyindex

PROFESSIONAL DOG breeders are being encouraged to apply to be listed in Puppyindex, the unique register of reliable, approved breeders in the UK published by the Pet Care Trust.

Puppyindex is distributed to members of the Trust including pet shops, boarding kennels and dog groomers. The manual can be used as a guide by customers who can then draw on the expertise of their retailer.

Potential puppy buyers can use the Puppyindex manual, a fully illustrated colour brochure featuring information on the most popular breeds of dog, to find a breed most suitable to their lifestyle. They can then be put in touch with an approved breeder. This process can stop puppies being purchased and later abandoned. Last year, over 350 breeders specialising in around 140 breeds were featured.

"Puppyindex has been running for nearly ten years now, and is growing in popularity and recognition every year" said Meriel France, the Trust’s Education and Animal Care Manager. "Choosing a new puppy should be a happy and enjoyable experience, but many customers can buy an unsuitable breed without expert advice. Puppyindex gives buyers the opportunity to find the most suitable breed for them and offers details of reliable and caring breeders."

All featured breeders agree to honour the Puppyindex code of practice and ten golden rules that include:

• To breed from and sell only sound and healthy stock

• To carefully counsel prospective puppy buyers

• To provide feeding instructions and written puppy care advice

• To assist in re-homing if and when necessary

The list will be published and distributed at the beginning of May 2006.

• Breeders who wish to apply to be listed should contact Education and Animal Care Manager Meriel France at the Pet Care Trust as soon as possible on 08700 624 400, or email There is an annual administration fee of £12 per breeder.