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Dog killed with beer bottle

POLICE AND RSPCA officers are appealing for information as they hunt the evil killers of a dog who was found beaten and stabbed with a beer bottle inserted in its mouth.

The attack was so savage the young Yorkshire Terrier was discovered with a broken jaw, stab and impact wounds on its lifeless body. The killing happened in a known haunt for young drinkers in Clayton, Manchester on Tuesday, April 11th.

RSPCA inspector Vicki McDonald who recovered the dog’s body was left feeling ‘sick and appalled.’
She commented: “Who could do such a thing? We don’t know exactly how the dog died but it was either stabbed or beaten to death” she said. “It was the victim of a sustained and frenzied attack before the beer bottle was forced down its throat. Whoever attacked it must have been covered in blood. Somebody must have seen something.”

The RSPCA are desperately appealing for any information which could lead to the identification
of the people or person responsible for the slaying.

Anyone with information can contact the RSPCA on 0870 55 55 999 or visit their website at