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Trade news - Dogs fly with Dogs Gold

Devon based company Dogs Gold has recently been working with one of the top teams in the British Flyball Association, the Barkshire Bandits, to trial a new range of its treats.

The new products, which are made using carob, are ideal for rewarding dogs during training, and have not only proved a success with dogs from the Barkshire Bandits, but also with their owners, who appreciate the positive nutritional benefits of the treats.

"Reward treats are a very important part of training and I was delighted to work with the Barkshire Bandits on the trial of this new range. It was very rewarding to see the dogs enjoying our products, knowing that not only were they successful as a training aid, but also that they were providing the dogs with vital nutrients, essential for a balanced diet " said Carol Leigh.

Made using only natural ingredients the new ‘carob with’ range is dairy, wheat, gluten and sugar free and includes carob-coated apple, carob with fenugreek and carob with sesame. The range has been created to suit dogs with all types of dietary requirements and ingredients such as fenugreek, have been added to aid conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism.

The new range of ‘carob with’ treats is available by mail order at and also at Flyball events. Dogs Gold is working closely with a number of Flyball teams throughout the country to trial its products and is currently working locally with a novice team in South Devon.

Flyball is an energetic sport for dogs which is enjoyable for both dogs and their owners. Dogs race in teams of four as a relay and jump a course of fences before collecting a ball and returning over the course to their owners. Originally an American sport, tournaments are now organised throughout the country and dogs gold is working with teams to raise awareness of the sport.

"Flyball is a fun sport and both dogs and their owners have an amazing time at practice sessions or events. To know that we are adding to this by providing nutritional treats which the dogs love is a real bonus – much better than going to slimming classes!" continued Carol.

For further information about The British Flyball Association please contact Penny Charlton on 01753 620110 or Stephanie Rendall the South West representative on 0117 9498533, email or visit

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