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All About Dogs to host National Service Dog Bravery & Achievement awards

Out of nearly 6,000,000 dogs living in the British Isles, some 3500 work within the service dog domain in the Military, the Ministry of Defence, Police Forces, Customs and Excise, Prison Service and the Fire Service. From these 3500 dogs and handlers, 20 have been chosen to receive the National Service Dog Bravery and Achievement Awards, regarded as the most prestigious in the canine world.

Their role would include detecting terrorists, bombs and explosives, earthquake victims, armed criminals, hidden drugs cache, also controlling prison riots, rioting crowds and even searching for a missing child – we all, at sometime, will rely on the expertise of the Service Canine Teams of dog and handler for help.

The superb ability of the canine nose, hearing and stamina, along with the bravery and skill of the handler enables many tragedies to be avoided and crimes to be detected and solved.

Without the Service Dog a great many lives and even National Security would be in jeopardy. These dedicated handlers and their canine companions are paramount in ensuring the world is a safer place. In many cases every single day their lives are in danger, yet they carry on regardless with their devotion to duty and are ‘proud to serve’.

In recognition of the Service Dog team’s outstanding achievements, we offer our sincere thanks and gratitude for the work which more often than not goes unrecognised. It is with this in mind that the executive committee of All About Dogs, in association with The British Police and Services Canine Association, honour the dog sections for their magnificent contribution to society and their unstinting dedication to duty, with these National Service Dog Bravery and Achievement Awards.

These unique commemorative plaques will be presented by the Rt Hon Lord Petre, the Lord Lieutenant of Essex at All About Dogs on Sunday 14th May 2006.