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Poisoning fears as two dogs die

A SHROPSHIRE family fear their two beloved pet dogs died after ingesting poison they believe was planted at their garden gate.

Richard and Dawn Humphries, of Hodge Bower, Ironbridge, said they were forced to watch their dogs, Clio, an 11-year-old Labrador and Jessie, an 11-month-old Springer Spaniel, suffer a painful death.

The couple said their ordeal started on Friday last week when Clio fell ill and started having fits. But within hours of nursing their dog and waiting desperately to get her to the vets, their other dog Jessie, also started fitting.

They believe a white powder was planted at their garden gate where the dogs stand. They have now offered a £500 reward for any information.

The couple said that their vet told them the dogs had reacted as though it was a type of drug such as cocaine, while police forensic investigators said it could have been a poison such as weed killer.

The couple have not yet received the forensic test results.

Mrs Humphries, 40, said: "It was horrific spending four hours with Clio before we could get her to the vets, convulsing and fitting. It was a dreadful way for any creature to go.

"Clio was frothing at the mouth and because she was fitting for so long it wasn’t looking good."

The incident took place less than five miles from where a Clumber Spaniel was stolen by knife-wielding thugs whilst out being walked by her owner. As reported in OUR DOGS last week, the dog was later found dead in a ditch, having been stabbed.

Anybody who has any information relating to Jessie and Clio’s poisoning on Friday night should contact Telford police on 08457 444 888.