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Valentine finds her match made in doggy heaven!

Valentine pictured with her new owner Angie Cook

When Valentine, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross, was handed in to Dogs Trust Canterbury, staff thought her loving nature would guarantee her a home, but Valentine had suffered appalling injuries which resulted in vets removing her eye and she was continually overlooked by potential new owners.

Knowing that there must be a home out there somewhere for her, centre staff launched an appeal - featured in OUR DOGS - and Valentine became the centre of attention with local papers and TV stations.

Valentine didn’t have to wait long before her perfect match was found. Angie and Peter Cook fell in love with Valentine the moment they set eyes on the little dog nervously peeking out from the back of her kennel, wearing a little coat to keep her warm. They took her for a walk and immediately knew she was the one.

Six weeks on, Valentine, now renamed Gypsy, has fitted in to the Cooks’ life as if she has always been there. She loves the grandkids and is very protective over the youngest 12 week old baby, following him around loyally wherever he crawls, occasionally stealing his bib and running off with it. Gypsy was so nervous when Angie and Peter first brought her home she wouldn’t go for a walk, or even sit on the sofa. With time and a lot of cuddles she is gradually relaxing and although there is still someway to go, she is now much more confident and loves to sit and watch TV with Angie on the sofa – her favourite programme, Crufts of course!

Angie Cook comments:

‘Gypsy is such a wonderful dog. Her eye didn’t make any difference to us and it certainly doesn’t hold her back. It is really lovely to see her gaining confidence each day and gradually settling in to home life. Whatever she went through before she came to us, I hope we can help her forget, and make her as happy as she has made us.’

Dogs Trust Canterbury is home to stray and abandoned dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages. If you are thinking of getting a dog, why not visit Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Chestfield, Nr Whitstable to find your perfect match and help a dog in need. Please call the centre on 01227 792 505 to find out more.