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Vallhund history made at Club show

At the Swedish Vallhund Society Club Show breed history was made when allrounder judge Vic Salt put up two tailed Vallhunds for the top awards, writes Chris Millard.

BIS and best dog was Teresa Brewer’s homebred Toidi Moonlight Shadow. Reserve BIS, best bitch and Best Veteran was Chris Millard’s Ch Hurstfield Mabel at Karmore who was winning at 14 years young, bred by Jacqui Bayliss. She is currently the only tailed Champion in the breed.

The Kennel Club has recently worked very closely with the breed club to amend the standard for this breed so that tailed Vallhunds can be shown without penalty. However, it is interesting to note that large numbers (about 52%) of Vallhund puppies are born naturally tail-less, so there will always be tailed, and tailless exhibits in the Vallhund ring.