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Samsung give ‘suicide bomber’ sniffer dog

SAMSUNG HAVE donated a specially trained three-year-old Labrador to be used by British forces in Iraq to detect suicide bombers.

Pyeonghwa, which means ‘peace’, will be deployed in Northern Iraq in a few weeks.

The Labrador, who was trained in Korea by UK based specialised police officers, will prove to be an invaluable aid in Iraq, as British forces attempt to install order in the country. She will be joining Korean troops already stationed on the ground.

The small Labrador is the first dog in history to be trained for the specific purpose of preventing would be suicide bombers from detonating their devices. She is trained to detect the specific explosive substances that are used in self-detonating bombs used by suicide bombers.

While most dogs are trained to concealed explosives, Pyeonghwa is trained to spot the combination of human body language and explosives that located on that person's body. She is trained to pick up facial signals and body language and then covertly investigates that person, giving a passive signal to her handler, who then tackles the potential bomber.