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Ms Breen’s dream team...

Photo by Star Shotz

OUR DOGS own Gill Breen recently proved the adage that dog people are mad! Gill took a busman’s holiday from working at a dog show, to spend her week off at a dog show - and what a successful week it turned out to be!

Gill entered three dogs - Papillon Sherry, and German Spitz Kleins Jazz and Kayley - at the UK Agility show, held at the Dowty Sports Club in Cheltenham, in early August, and was delighted with the outcome. Agility tyros Jazz and Kayley both did well and clearly loved every minute, but the star of the team was Papillon Sherry, who won six classes despite not having competed since her agility debut at the same show last year.

Congratulations to Gill and the team, pictured here on the course with their awards.