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Heartbeat’s Alfred going strong at 14

VIEWERS of the popular television series Heartbeat may be interested to know that canine star Alfred is still fit and well at 14 years of age.

Owned by Carol Brannan and known as Boots at home, the whippet, greyhound, Bedlington cross has a special place in her heart and is a great character.

Boots shot to stardom after the original Alfred was injured and Carol was approached by an agent who had heard Boots would be an ideal replacement.

Carol explains ‘At first we went with Rosie who was Boots’ litter sister but she didn’t settle especially when we had to leave her with Bill Maynard so after a few months we tried Boots as the original Alfred had now been retired.

‘As soon as he started to work with Bill they got on brilliantly and Boots went from strength to strength gaining in confidence.’

Looking fit and well Boots, who worked on the Heartbeat set for eight years, is fed on Alpha Worker Maintenance which helps to keep him in the best of health. Alpha Feeds also support Lurcherworld, an organisation that Carol and her husband Tom are very much involved with, which helps to promote lurcher welfare around the country.