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Parvo outbreak ‘under control’

AN OUTBREAK of the deadly Parvovirus that has swept through the city of Norwich appears to be under control as more owners have heeded warnings to get their pets vaccinated.

Only one more case has been reported to Norwich City Council since the main local newspaper, the Evening News highlighted the serious threat posed to thousands of dogs by an outbreak of the virus in the city.

Dozens of owners have been snapping up slots at a vaccination clinic run by the RSPCA in a bid to protect their pets from the disease, which is a highly contagious intestinal virus.

Following publicity about the outbreak, people had queued for hours to get their dogs vaccinated at the clinic, which operates at the Paws Centre in Barrack Street. The volunteer vet carried out a total of 38 vaccinations.

Roger Anderson, branch manager for the Norwich and Mid Norfolk branch of the RSPCA, said a similar number of jabs had been performed at last Thursday's clinic.

The publicity given to the dangers of parvovirus was one of the reasons why the clinic has been so busy in recent weeks, he added.

‘People had not quite realised what it was and what kind of effect it could have on their dogs,’ said Mr Anderson. ‘The number of cases seem to be dying down - I haven't heard of a lot more - but it has been in clustered outbreaks.’

As previously reported, at least 67 dogs had become infected with the virus, with 43 either dying or having to be put down. A Norwich City Council spokesman said there had been only one more case reported to them since those figures were released.

Dog owners had also been warned that if their pet dies of the disease they should be cremated rather than buried as the virus can survive in the soil and poses a threat to other dogs.