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Council to reimburse dog owner

A DOG owner who had to pay over £250 in vet fees to treat his dog after the pet was impaled on a spike sticking out from a council house gate is to receive compensation from his local council.
David Stopforth from Nelson, Lancashire explained how he did not see the sharp spike on his gate before his dog, Shadow went outside to greet a neighbour and ended up with it sticking in his side.

Mr Stopforth had to remove the gate catch himself from his the dog who he says was ‘in a huge amount of pain.’

He said: ‘This is catastrophic and I'm sure that damage could be done to a small child running by. It appears that most council houses with garden gates have such a weapon installed.’

Shadow had to be seen by his vet three times in order to have the wound treated, costing Mr Stopforth over £250. He contacted his local council to advise them of the danger posed by the protruding spike and has since been informed that the council wished to reimburse him for the costs of the vet bills.