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DTA ‘very pleased’ at reception

DTA presents a microchip scanner to Stafford Bull Terrier Welfare representative Lorraine Reddin and her dog ‘Tank’. Phil Buckley, External Affaires Manager of the KC made the presentation on behalf of DTA. Also present were Debbie Matthews of Vets Get Scanning, Jean Loughborough; editor of The Stafford Magazine, Sarah Fry and Jo Briault; Pet ID, DTA advisors Brian Milligan and Duncan Askew and Nikki Powditch and Kathryn and Margaret Nawrockyi from DTA.

LEADING DOG theft campaign group Dog Theft Action said it was ‘very pleased’ with its reception from the public at Discover Dogs last month.

Trustees, advisors and associates were out in force on the DTA stand at Earls Court 2 which had been generously donated by the Kennel Club. This year DTA was also joined by members of Bruce Forsyth’s Vets Get Scanning who are campaigning to get vets to scan all dogs prior to non-emergency treatment.

As anticipated the two organisations worked well together having perceived a natural synergy earlier in the year. A joint statement from Bruce Forsyth and Debbie Matthews reads: ‘Vets Get Scanning is delighted with the response to the start of our appeal and we would again, like to thank Dog Theft Action for inviting us to be associated with them and also for us to join forces at Discover Dogs. The public were as one in their disbelief that there are vets that are still not scanning dogs. Everyone we spoke to was under the impression that all vets routinely scan. Our message to microchipped dog owners is: only a third of vets scan the dogs on their books or new dogs on their first visit, so if your dog is stolen, taken out of the area, sold and ends up at another vets that does not scan, you will not get your dog back. !

‘The VGS online petition, which will be presented to the R.C.V.S, is progressing extremely well. The public can download petition forms and a letter for their own vet.’

Vets Get Scanning has donated three scanners to the DTA Scanner Appeal. The presentations of the two remaining scanners took place at Discover Dogs. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Welfare and Westie Rehoming both received a Pet-ID Identifyer Microchip Scanner to enable them to ensure that the dogs in their care are scanned for microchips prior to rehoming thus ensuring that any stolen dogs are identified and their owners notified.

The first presentation was made on Saturday to Staffordshire Bull Terrier Welfare representative Lorraine Reddin and her dog ‘Tank’. Phil Buckley, External Affaires Manager of the KC made the presentation on behalf of DTA.

The second presentation was made on Sunday to Jacqui and Robert Ferriswood of Westie ReHoming in Swindon.

DTA Chairman Neil Ewart said, ‘DTA was delighted to attend Discover Dogs and our thanks must go to Phil Buckley and the staff of the Kennel Club at Clarges St for inviting us to have a stand at this prestigious event. We were very glad to have the opportunity to spread our message regarding the problems of dog theft and to advise on preventative measures.

‘We were also very happy to present two more scanners to such dedicated organisations as Stafford Bull Terrier Welfare and Westie ReHoming. We would like to thank Vets Get Scanning for their very generous donation to our Scanner Appeal. We all thoroughly enjoyed working with VGS and look forward to working with them again at future events.

‘It was a wonderful opportunity to meet up with old and new friends in the world of dogs whose concerns we all share.’