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The WKC Top Puppy & Top Dog Competition 2006

Welsh wins second year running...

Overall winner for the second year running was Warren and Arun Bradley’s Welsh Terrier,
Ch Saredon Dressed To Impress. Also pictured are the judges,
Mr Mike and Mrs Elaine Drennan from Ireland

This annual event hosted by the Welsh Kennel Club just gets better and better each year; from the warm reception offered by Pat and young Beth Evans and of course, Stan Roberts welcoming everyone in for registration, to the delicious gala dinner and dance which close the event, and all points in between.

The event is hosted at the Hotel Commodore in Llandrindod Wells where the staff are very helpful; they seem genuinely pleased to have the event held there and they take an interest in the dogs and people.

There were new faces attending for the first time this year, as well as the regulars who come each year. For anyone who has never been before, you miss one of the friendliest and most enjoyable dates in the doggie calendar.

Any event which culminates in a dog holding a special award is greatly coveted, and this title is no exception. To qualify for the Top Puppy competition a puppy must have won a Best Puppy in breed at a Championship show or BPIS at an Open show and in the morning the draw is made to see which of the contestants will be in heat A and which in heat B. Once the draw is made for the dogs, the draw is made as to which judge will judge which heat.

This year’s judges were Mr Mike and Mrs Elaine Drennan from Ireland. Mike is a Director of the IKC while Elaine is involved with the Dobermann Club and they each award CCs in the breed in the UK; they also award CAC and CACIBs in many breeds and have done so in Holland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Australia.

There were 30 puppies entered in the contest and at noon Mrs Elaine Drennan took centre stage to judge the 15 puppies in Group A. The judging was on a knock out system, and she had some lovely quality stock to go over and clearly some decisions were easier than others, but after going over each pair very thoroughly and putting one through to the next round the rounds eventually resulted with Group A being won by the very impressive Newfoundland Sheridel Nerissa of Alphabear owned by Robert and Cheryl Hobbs. They say 13 is unlucky, but it was obviously lucky for them!

Group B was judged by Mike Drennan and again it was judged on the knock out basis and they were brought in two at a time. Again and again one went forward to the next round until the final decision; the closely contested Group B was brought to its conclusion with success for Mrs Collins’ Tibetan Spaniel Tsuga Sengh-Mo. It was a last minute decision for them to enter, although they were clearly delighted they did.

Mike assessed the winner of Group A and Elaine did the same with the winner of Group B and they then put their heads together to decide on the overall winner and reserve of the title. The dogs stood so proudly, then impressive Newfie and the undaunted Tibby each showing themselves to their best advantage and it was no easy decision for them. They then nodded to their steward Mr Tegwin Jones that the decision had been made and the title went to the Tibetan Spaniel with the Newfoundland taking the Reserve spot. There was considerable applause from a well supported ringside, and the ring was then swamped with photographers and well wishers.

After lunch the draw was made for the Top Dog contest, where there were 41 contestants, although unfortunately there were a few absentees.

There was a role reversal this time with Group A being judged by Mike and Group B by Elaine Drennan. The qualification for this contest is that the dogs have to have won a CC and there were dogs entered this year who had competed last year as well as newcomers. One of the dogs from last year was Paul Jones Whippet Tonmawr La Petite Ballerina who was hot on the heels of winning BOB at the World Show in Poland, and another who competed last year was Ch Saredon Dressed To Impress returning to defend her title from last year and sporting the number 1.
The contest resumed and Mr Drennan went over each exhibit and put it through its paces.

Eventually he whittled his dogs down to his final selection which was the Shih Tzu, Messrs T & M Hitt’s Ch Cedarhythe Classic Design JW ShCM bred by Mrs Clifford; at 6 and a half years old this beauty has had a super career; she has previously won this title as well as having been a runner up, so it is small wonder she is a force to be reckoned with.

Group B was equally hotly contested with some really super exhibits, and it was clear that not all the decisions would be easy to make, but Mrs Drennan did an excellent job and had no hesitation in making her overall heat winner the defending champion Welsh Terrier Ch Saredon Dressed To Impress.

Mrs Drennan went over Mr Drennan’s candidate for the title and he went over her choice, each dog being put through its paces for the last time. Once again they put their heads together and again they gave Mr Tegwin Jones the nod of agreement before the announcement was made by the commentator and joint Secretary Mr Graham Hill, who had been ably assisted throughout by his wife and joint Secretary Ann. The winner, for the second year running, was Warren and Arun Bradley’s fabulous Welsh Terrier Ch Saredon Dressed To Impress. She is bred by Dave Scawthorn, and is sired by Ch & AM Ch See’s Ready Too Go (USA Imp) out of Ch Saredon Close Encounter. At only three years old this bitch has achieved so much, she is in peak condition and on top form, one wonders what more there may be in store for her.

After the rapturous applause and constant photographs the event adjourned for the room to be prepared for the gala evening dinner and dance.

This is a super event to attend and the hospitality is second to none. It has all the warmth of a close-knit family celebration and a great deal of planning and effort had gone into the presentation.

The dinner was delicious and the chocolate dessert was definitely far too naughty but nice. After dinner the address was given by Denys Simpson and the MC was Mervyn Evans who has a very easy and affable manner about him. There were grateful thanks given to all the sponsors as well as presentations being made to some very hard workers and some of the invited guests. Osman Sameja was there too and he clearly was enjoying his evening. It was lovely to see Pat Evans enjoying herself after so much hard work, she has only just celebrated a very special birthday, congratulations Pat.

There were two fund raising events held at this event. The first was the sweepstakes in which we bought a name in an attempt to guess the name of the big toy dog, this was done to raise money for a charity dealing with epilepsy and the winner was Colin Brooks who had bought the very last name on the card! And the dog’s name was Lisa.

The other tickets were for the main raffle which was flooded with prizes of every type and size from chews to bags of food, shampoos, soft toys and so much more; I am reliably informed there were in excess of 50 prizes on offer.

The dinner, speeches, presentations and raffle over, the evening carried on with drinking, dancing and socialising until the early hours. It is one of the best events of the year, and long may it continue to be supported and enjoyed for very many years to come.

Overall Top Puppy was the Tibetan Spaniel - and last minute entry!
- Mrs Collins’ Tibetan Spaniel Tsuga Sengh-Mo.

Reserve Top Dog was awarded to the beautiful Shih Tzu, T & M Hitt’s Ch Cedarhythe Classic Design JW ShCM bred by Mrs Clifford

Reserve Top Puppy waswas awarded to the Newfoundland Sheridel Nerissa of Alphabear owned by Robert and Cheryl Hobbs

Beth Evans bearing gifts

Sally Richards of Masterfood’s South Wales Pedigree Breeders Service

MC Mervyn Evans

The dinner was very much enjoyed - especially the chocolate pud!

The welcome committee