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A womb with a view!

The tiny Goldie, at 39 days, already has a fine covering of Golden hair

This amazing picture of the beginning of life for a Golden Retriever reveals new secrets about how animals develop inside their mothers, and will feature in a programme to be screened in January.

They have been obtained using highly sophisticated ultrasound techniques and tiny cameras planted in the womb. The final images were then graphically manipulated by computer.

Jeremy Dear, of Pioneer Productions who made the two-hour film for National Geographic, said:

“Animals were trained to sit still for the ultrasound while dolphins were trained to lie on their sides. But it has been worth it. The film offers a pretty extraordinary window on this previously unseen world. The incredible thing about the early images is how we all look very similar - it is obvious we humans share a common mammalian ancestry very early in life. You can't help but be moved by each of our animal's journeys towards birth."