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Canine Concern Scotland Trust Annual awards

Lesley Fitz-Simons pictured with Helen Sutherland and Sharon Johnstone
of the Kirkintilloch & District DTC

Our Awards Lunch was held on Sunday 19th November 2006 at the Kaim Park Hotel, Bathgate, and we were delighted to welcome a record number of members, volunteers and friends to the event. We always enjoy being able to pay tribute to our enthusiastic and deserving volunteers and their dogs. The awards were presented by Patron Lesley Fitz-Simons

The Spencer Award for Therapet of the Year was donated by Tom and Dorothy Wilkins in memory of the very first Therapet, their lovely and much missed Cavalier. Tom and Dorothy moved to South Africa a few years ago from where they sent their best wishes. This year the Trustees voted to make the award to "Frost" a White German Shepherd all the way from the Orkney Isles.

Frost, who is owned by Trudy Marwick, is not only an extremely successful Therapet, visiting the Scarva Taing Care Home for the Elderly every Tuesday, but is also an Assistance Dog. She helps Trudy with mobility, opens heavy doors and gives Trudy confidence to go out on her own.
The joint runners up were:

Jake, a Golden Retriever, owned by Lesley Good of Aberdeen. Jake visits the Royal Cornhill Hospital in Aberdeen.

Simba, a Lhasa Apso, owned by Norma Murray who is our very hard working Representative for Tayside. Simba visits Lunan Court in Arbroath.

Zoey an Elkhound, owned by David Stuart-Calder, was also runner-up in 2003. Zoey’s nomination was sent on behalf of no less than five homes in Aberdeen that she visits regularly.

The Dr Morris Andrew & Daniel the Spaniel Memorial Award - a beautiful silver quaiche donated by Morris’s family - is made annually to the Therapet Organiser of the Year. Morris was a Trustee and was also Area Representative for Edinburgh for a number of years. This year the award was made to Maureen Hill, our very dedicated Area Representative for Dumfries.

Two awards were made in respect of ‘Stepping Out For Scotland’, a series of sponsored walks so vital for our fund raising each year. This year the award for the organiser whose walk raised the most money was won by James Macdonald who arranged the walk in Glasgow. The award for the individual who obtained the most sponsorship went to Valerie Burns who participated in the Glasgow walk.

The final award of the day was The Iain Whyte Memorial Award. This award is made to a person or organisation whose work has been of special benefit to the Trust over the past year or over a period of years. Certainly "period of years" was applicable this year as the award went to the Kirkintilloch and District Dog Training Club. We were delighted to be able to pay tribute to the members of the Club who willingly give of their precious time each year to contribute greatly to the success of our Annual Companion Dog Show which is held in Queens Park, Glasgow.

Marjorie Henley Price
Chair of Trustees