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Norwegian KC appoints Executive Director

Mr Espen Engh, the new Executive Director at Norsk Kennel Klub
(The Norwegian Kennel Club, NKK)

Mr Espen Engh has been appointed the first Executive Director of the Norsk Kennel Klub as part of the reorganisation of the canine world in Norway.

The aim is to strengthen the NKK’s position as the mouthpiece for the country’s dogs and their owners and as part of the process most local canine organisations and clubs are now gathered under the NKK umbrella. It is envisaged that this development will provide the NKK with new possibilities and new challenges as a communicator in and to society at large.

‘I’m looking forward to participating actively in the development of dog-related activities and make more dog owners want to join the organised dog activities. A good basis for this has already been laid down through the new organisational structure of NKK being implemented from 2007’, says Engh.

Mr Engh, who takes up his office in February 2007, is a graduate of the Norwegian College of Veterinary Science and has a broad experience in dogs. A greyhound breeder under the Jets prefix, he has bred 146 champions worldwide. He has been a member of several canine committees on a national and international level and has been approved as an international FCI judge since 1987.