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Reward for return of Borders

A DISTRAUGHT owner is asking for help in tracing three border terriers stolen from kennels in Bolton, Lancs.

Janet Laycock discovered that five-year-old Holly and her two young pups had been taken from their kennels whilst she had been out of the house. Holly, a former showdog, had been Mrs Laycock's companion and mainstay since the death of her husband Martin from cancer at the age of 58 last June.

‘The whole family is just devastated. The house is like a morgue,’ she said.

‘They were dearly loved pets. Holly especially was like my shadow, a part of the family.’ said Mrs Laycock.

Mrs Laycock does not feel that the dogs were taken by opportunists passing by as the kennels are impossible to see from the road. People are advised to be suspicious of anyone offering a pedigree dog for sale without the relevant papers.

Kathy Kay, Branch Administrator of Bolton RSPCA advises dog owners to get their dog microchipped.

‘Unfortunately this sort of thing is on the increase and their are cases of people stealing pedigree dogs to order. You can get your dog microchipped for £5 if your not working and £10 if you are.

We have to make it harder for these people to sell the dogs on.’

Mrs Laycock is offering a reward of £500 for return of the dogs and asks anyone with information to contact her on 07986 613097.