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Award for film’s ‘Dog Personality’ test

A PERSONALITY test set up to help promote the film Gone to the dogs, which stars Tony Booth and Dora Bryan, has received a BAFTA award.

The film, which is about a frustrated pensioner called Jack who dies in a seaside retirement town and comes back to Earth as a dog, has been heralded as a return to form for traditional film making and rather than relying on computer animation, had a cast of 15 dogs to perform the stunts and tricks, all trained by Gerry Cott who created the animal magic in classics such as Babe, Black Beauty and Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. The humans make an impact too, with the lead roles played brilliantly by Tony Booth (father-in-law to Prime Minster Tony Blair) and British cinema legend, Dora Bryan.

As if metamorphosing into a scruffy mutt wasn’t enough for the main character in the film, he soon finds himself back with his wife except this time he's at the end of a leash. In a plot that twists and turns like some surreal Kafkaesque sitcom, Jack struggles with his new existence, meets other dead husbands and in an unexpected fashion, finally learns what love is all about.

Another intriguing side to this movie is their BAFTA-nominated website. Here you can watch exclusive trailers, buy the DVD online and play a totally unique online game called What Dog Are You? This game prompts you to answer 10 questions about your personality and uses something called the ‘canine algorithmic transfer system’ to calculate which breed of dog you resemble the most. It’s hugely entertainingly and spookily accurate!

If you fancy getting your dog up to speed with the talented canines in this movie, there’s also an exclusive competition to win a master class with the film’s trainer Gerry Cott.