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Deck the halls with bow-wows of Collies at the Wiccaweys Christmas party!

Photo by Margaret Simpson
'Spike', aka Santa's Little Helper, owned by the Simpsons (from Coventry, not Springfield)

WHY DO we dogs put up with it? I mean, there I was, expecting to be driven to a nice field or wood somewhere for a brisk trot with my young friend, Willow, and then what happens? I end up in a village hall full of Border Collies (which is okay as far as it goes, but they never stand still for a minute!) and then I get togged up in a reindeer outfit, complete with obligatory red nose and have to stand around looking like a plonker.

So what happened and where did we go? Well, we ended up at the Wiccaweys Border Collie Rescue Christmas Party in Warwickshire. That was all thanks to the Guvnor’s Guvnor Sheena, ‘cos she adopted Willow from Wiccaweys three months ago and it was all a big reunion party for lots of the dogs rehomed by Wiccaweys and to raise funds for the rescue.

I was quite happy to meet the fleet-footed farmer’s friends and watch them run about (I often watch Willow running about too), but then they announced some ‘fun classes’ and that’s when I became Rudolph’s stand-in. Ho-ho-ho and all that.

Mind you, Sarah Carey who runs Wiccaweys with her partner Paul was all togged up as Miss Santa, so I suppose I wasn’t being singled out.

Of course, they always say ‘It’s all for ‘charideee’, but even so… Willow, bless her little English Setter socks, didn’t have to get dressed up, so she missed out on that pleasure. The dogs that won were very well equipped though – I was very impressed with rescued Greyhounds Spike and Cherry, dressed up as Santa’s Little Helper and a Fairy or Angel respectively. It’s quite funny really, because their owners are Margaret and Robert Simpson and of course the cartoon Simpsons have a Greyhound called Santa’s Little Helper. It think it’s that human trait of irony.

Anyway, I did win one party game – Doggy Statues. I can do sitting and lying still perfectly well without any coaching, and it doesn’t matter if Sarah, dressed up at Miss Santa, tries to distract me with bits of liver – if they’re not in a bowl between my paws, I’m not making any effort to go and get them. As for squeaky toys, pul-leeeeeze! It’s a lot of noise for no reward. To be fair to Willow, she was sitting nicely until the bits of liver came out to whittle down the good sitters.

Anyway, it was all great fun I suppose – it’s always nice to see your humans running about like loons and enjoying themselves. It raised lots of money for Wiccaweys, which, combined with their recent online auction will help the Rescue to carry on and rescue lots of other Collies and other dogs in need and to look after the ones they’ve already rescued and taken. Let’s hope Sarah, Paul and Wiccaweys carry on doing what they do for a long time to come.