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Dog Barking and Shock Collar survey

A NEW survey by the dog-owners information site, suggests that a third of small dogs are, or have been at some time in their lives, nuisance barkers. The survey also found that dog owners are overwhelmingly against the use of electric shock collars.

The website asked 640 British dog owners for their views on nuisance barking. One third of small dog owners admitted to problems compared to one fifth of owners of large breeds.

One in eight dog owners doesn't regard their pet's barking as a problem. And nearly three quarters of owners support a ban on electric shock collars.

Respondents of both barkers and non-barkers favoured firmness and love as the best means of controlling behaviour but a third of owners of barking dogs found artificial aids such as spray collars, bottle sprays, rattles etc, useful.

Only eight people (1.5%) had used electric shock collars and nearly 72% supported the campaign by animal welfare organisations to ban them. However 20% of owners felt it should be an individual choice and 8% felt that they were acceptable. Some of the latter group commented that they should only be used by experts and their use could well be a last resort, preventing a dog from being put down.