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Dogs Trust helping to keep homeless and their dogs together this winter

There could be an uncertain winter ahead for homeless people and their dogs.

Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, has revealed that a shocking 73% of homeless organisations will not accept homeless dog owners. This leaves the majority of dog owners who are homeless without the support and shelter they desperately need.

In response to this, Dogs Trust is launching a campaign to persuade housing providers to reconsider their policies on dogs and homeless owners with its Welcoming Dogs booklet
Chris Laurence, Dogs Trust Veterinary Director, explains: “Sadly, many homeless dog owners are forced to decide between accommodation – and the crucial first step towards a settled life in permanent housing – and their beloved pets. The reality is that many of these dog owners will choose the love and companionship of their dog over their own needs.

“Our Welcoming Dogs booklet provides simple guidelines and essential policies to help hostels, day centres and shelters make an informed decision about whether or not to accept dogs.”

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