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Yobs attack guide dog

A BLIND woman has been forced to give up her guide dog after sustained harassment by local yobs.

Siobhan Meade now lives alone after the young thugs turned her four year-old Labrador, Liza, into a nervous wreck and unfit for duty. The louts made barking noises outside her ground floor flat and banged on the windows. The thugs also revved motorbikes by the front door and deliberately left broken glass lying about by Liza’s pen.

The situation became so bad that Siobhan, who has been blind since birth, was forced to move Liza out of her housing association flat in Norfolk. Liza is now being looked after by a volunteer for the Guide Dog for the Blind. Siobhan visits Liza nearly very day but is terrified going out with only her white cane for guidance. Siobhan is pleading with managers of the Suffolk Heritage Housing Association to rehouse her in a quieter area. Caroline Smith, regional director of Suffolk Heritage said that Siobhan’s case was "being looked into".